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About Us


We want you to get a little insight into who we really are. We are an online supplement producing company who believe that your quality of life can only get better. Here at Nature's True Medicine, we hope to educate you on living well and staying well. Life isn’t a sprint, we’ve learned. It’s a marathon. And we want to make you a long distance runner.

Our team works around the clock to ensure that you are getting only pure and natural ingredients in your vitamins. Each supplement is uniquely formulated in a way that gives it the necessary nutrients to feed your system and begin working immediately. Picture us as your support team. If you have questions, we have answers. Keeping you happy and your body healthy is our #1 priority.

My daughter and I started this company because we believe better ingredients make happier people. When your body is functioning properly, you find comfort, clarity, and the energy you need to make each second count. Let’s not spend our days fighting sickness and fatigue. Instead, let's use what nature has so graciously given us. Do something crazy. Do something new. Take that dance class. Try yoga. Learn to surf. Heck run a marathon. Climb Everest. You see, when you’re feeling good, anything is possible.

So don’t sit back and watch life go by, enjoy the ride!

- Darla Mendoza, Founder



Nutritional Live Blood Analysis


I became a Live Blood Analysis Technician 10 years ago with the desire to help people. 

It’s amazing what a high-powered microscope and skinny little needle can tell you about your body. And all it takes is a light prick of the finger. You slide a little drop of blood between two glass sheets, slip it under the microscope and all of a sudden the tiny little organisms in your blood come to life. Below is a list of items that I can discover about your body in less than 30 minutes. 

Through this process, I am then able to recommend the supplements that your body needs. What I love about Live Blood Analysis is, not only is it quick, easy, and painless, but it’s personal. It’s based specifically on your body and allows me to create a personalized supplement program that caters to your every need. So you’ll be feeling the results a lot faster because it’s designed for you.  

What you can find in A Live blood analysis:

Rouleau – red blood cells linking together in a chain, caused by poor digestion of proteins. 

Aggregation – red blood cells clumped in a mass… a more severe form of Rouleau. 

Anisocytosis – small and large RBC’s caused by lack of B-12, Folic Acid, or Iron. 

Ovalocytes – oval shaped RBC’s caused by lack of B-12, Folic Acid, or hormonal imbalance. 

Target Cells – caused by cells lacking in iron or poor absorption of iron. 

Hemolysis – malnourished or damaged cells caused by bacterial infection or toxins. 

Poikilocytosis – free radical damage caused by ingestion or inhalation of toxins (chemicals, tobacco, fumes, etc.) 

Echinocytes – caused by low potassium, dehydration, or kidney toxicity. 

Acanthocytes – possible liver, lung or colon toxicity. 

Plaque – fat and platelet aggregation which have broken off of the artery walls. Caused by denatured fat intake, heated vegetable oils, and sugars. 

Uric Acid Crystals – caused by high levels of monosodium urate from undigested proteins. 

Sugar Crystals – caused by the poor assimilation of carbohydrates and sugars. 

Parasitized RBC – bacteria or parasites inside the red blood cell. Caused by a weakened immune system, pets, unwashed fruits and vegetables, bad water, etc. 

Fungal Forms – caused by undigested carbs, antibiotics, mold spores, grains, sugars , peanuts, cheese, mushrooms and many other types of food. 

Yeast – an advanced stage of fungal fermentation. 

Spicules – fibrinogens which form in response to liver stress, poor digestion, toxins, antibiotics, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and coffee. 

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